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Commercial Game Engines Supporting GNU/Linux

Unity 4 
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UNiGiNE Engine

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C4 Engine

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Linux Game Consortium is a premier gaming website created by Linux zealots to service the ever growing Linux gaming community. At this moment, there are over 500 different distributions (versions) of Linux on the market and growing. Holding 90% of the industries top 500 super computers and running on everything right down to handheld gaming devices.
Compared to a few short years back, the number of commercial games and privately developed gaming applications has grown exponentially. Making the purpose behind the LGC that much more important than ever before.
For users, newbies (you know who you are), and experts alike. This is for you as well. Creating a centralized market place for game applications and top open source gaming software, saving you having to scour the internet in search of online games to download.
For game developers, it's an outlet to showcase and retail your games. Which is definitely not a new idea but does establish a place to host your downloadable game(s) online.

Developers of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty issue release update
Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty publisher Oddworld Inhabitants has been pretty quiet about other announced...

Midora will be 100% DRM-Free on Linux, Mac and PC
Midora, the top-down adventure game inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana, will be...

SCREENCHEAT released now for Linux, Mac and PC
Cheaters never win? Cheaters never prosper? Tell this to Samurai Punk and Surprise Attack Games!...

Sci-fi tactics Halfway update gives Mod Support
Halfway is a turn-based sci-fi tactics game in the vein of XCOM, but with a linear storyline tying...

Black The Fall steam and platforming game seeks funding
Black The Fall is one of the more striking 2.5D adventures on the horizon. A monochromatic mix of...

Dreamfall Chapters: Book One available now on Steam
The Longest Journey is finally drawing to a conclusion with the release of a new episode, eight...

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition release date at month end
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will be in your hands by the end of the month. Now as a...

Jagged Alliance: Flashback now available on Steam
Danish independent developer Full Control today announced the release of Jagged Alliance:...

Unreal Tournament builds available for anyone now
Unreal Tournament’s weekly builds are now available to anyone, not just developers. The new Unreal...

Aspyr Media to bring Civilization: Beyond Earth to Linux and Mac
'Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth' arrives this Friday, but that's for Windows. The series...

Fist of Jesus a hilarious brawler for Linux, Mac and PC
It’s probably historically inaccurate, at least. Recording of events back then was pretty...

Chuck's Challenge 3D update with huge Steam discount
Chuck’s Challenge 3D — the spiritual successor to Chip’s Challenge (if you were...

Octopus City Blues simulation adventure game
Octopus City Blues is an adventure game set in a city built around a giant octopus from developers...

Sigils of Elohim a free-to-play mini game puzzler
Sigils of Elohim is an early, free-to-play taste of one puzzle type you will find in The Talos...

English voice acting included in Mighty No. 9
Mighty No. 9, Comcept’s spirtual successor to the Mega Man series, will feature English voice...

I am Bread simulator in development from Bossa Studios
Bossa Studios, creator of the joyously awkward Surgeon Simulator, is back with I am Bread, a...

The writing for Broken Age Episode 2 is now complete
Broken Age Episode 2 is still a ways off, but Tim Schafer has finished writing it. Broken Age...

We want Half-Life 3 crowdfunding to influence Valve
Some people are very serious about Half-Life 3. Serious enough to start a crowdfunding campaign...

Deadcore officially released today for Linux, Mac and PC
The independent studio 5 Bits Games and the leading video game publisher and developer BANDAI...

Kickstarter goal achieved for Elegy for a Dead World
Dejobaan Games' conceptually fascinating Elegy for a Dead World has achieved its Kickstarter goal...

Native Games

One of the biggest developments in games, The Humble Bundle are making massive
strides to native games and demanding Linux support for software. Let alone users who
are throwing money at it, typically providing a quarter of the total money collected and
showing there is a definite market. Applications for Indie games are thriving on Linux,
the Humble Bundle has not only helped publicize games but also proves there is an
untapped market for such games.

Game Development

As far as development is concerned, the library support for gaming is provided by different
applications of OpenGL, ALSA, OpenAL and SDL, cross-platform multimedia wrappers
around system-dependent libraries.
The DRI project provides open source video card drivers, software for NVIDIA and ATI/AMD
also release binary kernel modules for their video cards.
Several gaming peripherals also work with Linux, such as gaming mice from Roccat,
which have official Linux drivers, even a free software user-space utility. Several game
development tools also run on Linux, including 3D game engine applications, Unity3D, Unigine and
Spring the real time strategy engine.

Linux Game News

The industry would not be instigating change in applications if it were not for the game and
industry news. The Linux Game News and RSS feed bring you the latest developments in
the community as well related applications in operating systems such as Android. Not to mention
emerging software innovations in the gaming world. Sharing an abundance of growth in
deployments and applications for greater performance.

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MarBall Odyssey

MarBall Odyssey is an extremely well polished and addictive game which follows the theme of the classic game marble madness, with a few twists

World of Padman
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Product List

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