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Commercial Game Engines Supporting GNU/Linux

Unity 4 
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UNiGiNE Engine

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C4 Engine

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Linux Game Consortium is a premier gaming website created by Linux zealots to service the ever growing Linux gaming community. At this moment, there are over 500 different distributions (versions) of Linux on the market and growing. Holding 90% of the industries top 500 super computers and running on everything right down to handheld gaming devices.
Compared to a few short years back, the number of commercial games and privately developed gaming applications has grown exponentially. Making the purpose behind the LGC that much more important than ever before.
For users, newbies (you know who you are), and experts alike. This is for you as well. Creating a centralized market place for game applications and top open source gaming software, saving you having to scour the internet in search of online games to download.
For game developers, it's an outlet to showcase and retail your games. Which is definitely not a new idea but does establish a place to host your downloadable game(s) online.

The latest gameplay from The Hum using Unreal Engine 4
Recently, Thotwise Games teased that it would soon have news on its upcoming virtual reality (VR)...

When does the Steam sale start for Black Friday?
The Steam fall sale will begin on November 26, which is the day before the Thanksgiving holiday in...

Clockwork Empires gets Linux and Mac support
Gaslamp Games has rolled out the “Bandit Raid on ‘Fightin’ Vicar Zedock...

Post-apocalypti MMORGP The Skies now on Kickstarter
Ukrainian game developer Eforb Games has announced the development of its post-apocalyptic...

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Linux build coming
‘Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth' is out on PC, and the game delivers on both...

TinyKeep brings legendary dungeon crawling to Linux
All the intense creature filled, randomly generated dungeons, ruins and hellscapes...

Das Tal developers speak up about Steam Greenlight
Fairytale Distillery is an independent studio based in Munich, Germany, with four full-time...

Particulars physics puzzle game for Linux, Mac and PC
Particulars the story-rich game of sub-atomic particle physics, is now available on Steam. Drift...

Wander MMO a new gaming experience for Linux and PC
Wander is a collaborative, explorative MMO with no combat in which players enjoy the beauty of the...

Maniac Mansion successor Thumbleweed Park on Kickstarter
The creators of seminal point-and-click adventure game Maniac Mansion, Ron Gilbert and Gary...

Northern Shadow dev's switch to Unreal Engine 4
Northern Shadow is a first person perspective RPG where you can build and manage your own kingdom...

Frontier Developments responds to Elite: Dangerous offline
Frontier Developments boss David Braben has responded to the outcry over the company axing the...

Goat Simulator MMO for Linux, Mac and Windows PC?
One of the most delightfully weird games to come out this year is Goat Simulator, which will now...

Graywalkers: Purgatory beats funding goal on Kickstarter
Ambition and failure can go hand in hand when it comes to creative endeavors. In game development,...

Linux and Mac update for Civilization: Beyond Earth mods
Civilization: Beyond Earth's Mac version has been confirmed to support mods via the Steam Workshop...

Crossing Souls RPG on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and PC
Call 2014 the Year of the Souls: Titan Souls, Wayward Souls, Dark Souls 2 and now coming from...

Black Pants new platformer On Rusty Trails teaser
From the makers of Tiny and Big comes a whole new adventure. Unpredictable, house-rusting rain is...

Postal Redux confirmed for Linux, Mac and Windows PC
For those fans of isometric murder simulator, Postal you are probably excited to know that a new...

Read Only Memories demo released for Linux, Mac and PC
A demo for Read Only Memories, a cyberpunk noir adventure game developed by MidBoss Games - a...

Rocket jumping platformer Tinertia keeps you on the edge
Anyone who’s mastered the art of rocket jumping should feel at home in Tinertia - Candescent...

Native Games

One of the biggest developments in games, The Humble Bundle are making massive
strides to native games and demanding Linux support for software. Let alone users who
are throwing money at it, typically providing a quarter of the total money collected and
showing there is a definite market. Applications for Indie games are thriving on Linux,
the Humble Bundle has not only helped publicize games but also proves there is an
untapped market for such games.

Game Development

As far as development is concerned, the library support for gaming is provided by different
applications of OpenGL, ALSA, OpenAL and SDL, cross-platform multimedia wrappers
around system-dependent libraries.
The DRI project provides open source video card drivers, software for NVIDIA and ATI/AMD
also release binary kernel modules for their video cards.
Several gaming peripherals also work with Linux, such as gaming mice from Roccat,
which have official Linux drivers, even a free software user-space utility. Several game
development tools also run on Linux, including 3D game engine applications, Unity3D, Unigine and
Spring the real time strategy engine.

Linux Game News

The industry would not be instigating change in applications if it were not for the game and
industry news. The Linux Game News and RSS feed bring you the latest developments in
the community as well related applications in operating systems such as Android. Not to mention
emerging software innovations in the gaming world. Sharing an abundance of growth in
deployments and applications for greater performance.

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MarBall OdysseyMarBall Odyssey

MarBall Odyssey is an extremely well polished and addictive game which follows the theme of the classic game marble madness, with a few twists

MarBall Odyssey is an extremely well polished and addictive game which follows the theme of the classic game marble madness, with a few twists.

The principle of MarBall Odyssey is simple: guide the ball to the exit without fallin

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