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Kickstarter Campaigns to check out

Kickstarter Campaigns to check out

Commercial Game Engines Supporting GNU/Linux

Unity 4 
Unity, game, platform, engine

UNiGiNE Engine

unigine, real time, game, engine

C4 Engine

c4, game, engine, developer

Linux Game Consortium is a premier gaming website created by Linux zealots to service
the ever growing Linux gaming community. At this moment, there are over 500 different
distributions (versions) of Linux on the market and growing. Holding 90% of the industries
top 500 super computers and running on everything right down to handheld gaming devices.
Compared to a few short years back, the number of commercial games and privately
developed gaming applications has grown exponentially. Making the purpose behind the
LGC that much more important than ever before.
For game developers, it's an outlet to showcase and retail your games. Which is definitely
not a new idea but does establish a place to host your downloadable game(s) online.
For users, newbies (you know who you are), and experts alike. This is for you as well.
Creating a centralized market place for game applications and top open source gaming
software, saving you having to scour the internet in search of online games to download.

Prison Architect Alpha 24 updates mods and now informants
The latest alpha build of Prison Architect (Linux, Mac and Windows PC) was published on Friday...

Costume Quest 2 pre-orders available on Linux, Mac and PC
Costume Quest 2 launches on October 7 on Steam, with pre-orders begin this weekend and ripe for the...

Planetary Annihilation out of Early Access next month
Science-fiction real-time strategy game Planetary Annihilation leaves Steam Early Access and...

Steam’s “no refunds” policy could be facing challenges
Steam does not give refunds for purchases post-launch except under extraordinary circumstances,...

Awesome action platformer Hive Jump now on Kickstarter
Hive Jump is one of the more exciting Kickstarter campaigns, perfectly blending the frantic run ‘n...

A bundle of PAX all weekend long on this special Flash Bundle
humblebundle: The Humble Flash Bundle: The PAX 10 is available all PAX Prime weekend and ends on...

Epic FPS Interstellar Marines gets co-op in September
Interstellar Marines has sold over 100,000 copies since it launched in July 2013 on Steam Early...

Indie Megabooth - Solid Gold Collection of fine games
For the next week Steam users can purchase Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Hotline Miami, The Stanley...

The Journey Down: Chapter Two now available on Steam
Oldschool point-and-click adventure The Journey Down: Chapter Two is out now on Steam (Linux, Mac...

Titan Souls brings new challenges to gaming
Playing as a tiny pixel human,Titan Souls players get one arrow and one hit point. If they fire...

Gauntlet Reboot release date delayed for Linux and PC
Arrowhead Game Studios reboot of the classic co-op dungeon crawler Gauntlet, initially slated...

Tekken 7 to be released on Unreal Engine 4
YouTube/Screenshot Namco Bandai announced the next title to their Tekken fighting game franchise,...

Game engine Leadwerks now on Steam for Linux and PC
Linux support for the Leadwerks game engine has arrived on Steam. Developers can now use the tool...

Super Win the Game expected to release October
David Pittman makes note to Minor Key’s Super Win the Game, sequel to their 2012 freeware...

I Will Escape coming to Linux, Mac and PC in late 2014
Blue Label Studio announce it’s first game, I Will Escape, from the “ I will” the game...

Zenzizenzic shooter now with of Adult Swim Games
Adult Swim Games’ strange and diverse catalog grows even stranger with the recent...

Beyond Earth Price increased on Steam for Austalia
2K Games increased the pre-order price of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth on Steam by...

New and intense game Titan Souls released a new trailer
Titan Souls developer Acid Nerve released a gameplay trailer for the action game today, offering a...

Rhythm puzzle music game Sentris now on Early Access
Sentris is a rhythm puzzle music creation type game that looks a bit like Simon Says if it was...

Dreamfall Chapters release date confirmed
Dreamfall Chapters, the latest addition to the Dreamfall Series, got a new trailer, highlighting its...

Why Linux gaming?

Being at the forefront on the server scene and free software. A major game changer in everything from basic software to cloud computing and innovative application development.
The desktop has moved into the mainstream years ago. Nearly every big box store computer sales area has heard of Ubuntu. The first thing they mention, are their mainstream games for
Linux yet?
That's why we are here. Advocating for our beloved platform and instigating change in the gaming community.

Why now?

Ubuntu was a huge introduction in an “easy to use” operating system. Together with an “always free” commitment plus the availability of games using the Quake 3 engine software
became a major motivator. So it is time now to bring gaming to Linux and experience greater stability through an open-source platform established by the community. Showing commercial game development
what they have been ignoring. And create further opportunity for independant developers to create new games.

Native Games

One of the biggest developments in games, The Humble Bundle are making massive
strides to native games and demanding Linux support for software. Let alone users who
are throwing money at it, typically providing a quarter of the total money collected and
showing there is a definite market. Applications for Indie games are thriving on Linux,
the Humble Bundle has not only helped publicize games but also proves there is an
untapped market for such games.

Game Development

As far as development is concerned, the library support for gaming is provided by different
applications of OpenGL, ALSA, OpenAL and SDL, cross-platform multimedia wrappers
around system-dependent libraries.
The DRI project provides open source video card drivers, software for NVIDIA and ATI/AMD
also release binary kernel modules for their video cards.
Several gaming peripherals also work with Linux, such as gaming mice from Roccat,
which have official Linux drivers, even a free software user-space utility. Several game
development tools also run on Linux, including 3D game engine applications, Unity3D, Unigine and
Spring the real time strategy engine.

Linux Game News

The industry would not be instigating change in applications if it were not for the game and
industry news. The Linux Game News and RSS feed bring you the latest developments in
the community as well related applications in operating systems such as Android. Not to mention
emerging software innovations in the gaming world. Sharing an abundance of growth in
deployments and applications for greater performance.

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